Dan Kowalski’s Short List:

U.S. Government:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement,, 202-514-2648

Customs and Border Protection,

Citizenship and Immigration Service,

Department of Homeland Security,

Statistical Yearbook,

Mexican Government:

Instituto de Mexicanos en el Exterior,

Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, and news clipping service,


Pew Hispanic Center,, 202-419-3600

Migration Policy Institute,, 202-266-1910

Brookings Institution, 202/797-6105

Inter-American Development Bank,, 202-623-1000

Immigration Policy Center, AILA’s Foundation, 202-742-5608

TRAC immigration project, Syracuse University. (315) 443-3563


American Immigration Lawyers Association, 202-216-2400

ACLU, Nat’l Immigration Project,, 212-559-2660

National Immigration Law Center, Josh Bernstein, 202-216-0261

Bender’s Immigration Bulletin Daily Edition,

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, (202) 463-5682

Advocates, restrictionists:

Federation for American Immigration Reform,, 202-328-7004

Immigration Reform Law Institute,

Center of Immigration Studies, , 202-466-8185

NumbersUSA,, 202-543-1341

Americans for Legal Immigration,, (919) 787-6009

Advocates, pro-immigrant:

Asian American Justice Center,, 202-296-2300

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund,, 213-629-2512

Puerto Rican Legal-Defense-Education-Fund, (212) 219-3360

Nat’l Immigration Forum,  (202) 383-5989, (202) 261-2388


Freedom of Information Act:

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press,

Yale Law School, Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic,


A Better Life, The Visitor, Gangs of New York, My Beautiful Launderette, Namesake, El Norte

Bread and Roses, Dirty Pretty Things, Fast Food Nation, God Grew Tired of Us, The Terminal

Under the Same Moon, Born in East L.A.

Immigration Statistics and Studies:

Berkeley report on parent deportations

American Justice Through Immigrants’ Eyes

Muslim Community of the US

Most Frequently Requested Immigration Statistics

Emerging Issues Law Community

Detention Watch Network

ABA Commission on Immigration

The Urban Institute

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  1. Daniel M. Kowalski July 30, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    Friends and colleagues: Technical snafus have kept me off the air on and, but I’m working on it, and meanwhile you’ll find 99% of what you need on Thank you for your patience.

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