Jason Buch

Jason Buch covers immigration and border affairs for the San Antonio Express-News. A 2007 graduate of Texas State University and a former intern at the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Buch took his first job at the Laredo Morning Times. There he covered federal courts and wrote about organized crime in the area. In 2009, Buch took a job on the business desk a the Express-News. In 2010, he moved to his current beat.

2011 Project

For one man, Mexico is too dangerous

Judge rules government south of border can’t protect him.

The subject of this story is a marked man. Members of Mexican drug cartels have threatened him, kidnapped him, beaten him and shot at him. Identifying him by name could get him killed. They want to kill this man because he worked with the government to combat the cartels. His efforts as a private government contractor resulted in large drug seizures and significant financial losses to the criminal organizations. His story isn’t too different from what tens of thousands of Mexicans face as a matter of course in a country that saw more than 15,000 drug war fatalities last year, and where everyday citizens and legitimate business owners are targeted by indiscriminate drug traffickers.

Read full story.

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