Alex Kellogg

Alex Kellogg is a national correspondent for National Public Radio. He joined NPR late last year after working as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He was among a team of journalist’s at the Journal who won a 2010 New York Press Club award for coverage of the historic U.S. auto bankruptcies.  His 2010 coverage of the decline of the city of Detroit is currently up for several feature-writing awards. Prior to the Journal, Alex spent several years at The Detroit Free Press.  He started his career covering East Africa and the Horn while working as a Producer for Reuters’ out of its Nairobi, Kenya bureau. He covers race, ethnicity, changing demographics and immigration for NPR.

State, cities reject federal deportation program

Three states and two major cities say they have pulled out of a federal program aimed at deporting criminals who are in the U.S. illegally. And now Boston’s mayor has threatened to join them. Secure Communities was created to help federal authorities deport illegal immigrants who are hardened criminals. But some state and local officials say it goes too far. Click to see and hear story.

Glitch leaves 22,000 visa seekers disappointed

A computer mistake has forced the government to notify 22,000 people, winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery, that they have not won coveted visas for the U.S. The State Department says a computer error means the winners will have to try again for the highly coveted visas. The program, begun in 1994, awards visas to people from countries that do not send a lot of immigrants to the U.S. Click to see and hear full story.

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