Chris Casey’s Final Project Package

19 Jul

Shut Out:

U Visa Program For Illegal Immigrants A Hard Sell In Weld County,” July 18, 2010

Immigration attorneys say the reward at the heart of the U Visa program — temporary legal status and a path to a green card — is justified because it encourages victims to step from the shadows to put away bad guys, thereby enhancing overall public safety. But some prosecutors, including Weld District Attorney Ken Buck, question why an illegal immigrant should be rewarded for doing something any decent, law-abiding citizen would do — helping law enforcement — particularly if they have already provided that help.

U Visa Applications On The Rise“, July 19, 2010

For the first time since federal rules were adopted in 2007, the U Visa program has hit its annual cap of 10,000 visas given to crime victims in a year. An illegal immigrant who is a victim of a serious crime is eligible to apply for a U Visa — which offers potential permanent residency — if he or she is willing to help law enforcement officers in the investigation or prosecution of those crimes.

U Visa Approval Pending For Texas Woman,” July 19, 2010

In federal courts across the nation, immigration cases are often processed in cattle-call fashion… It’s a busy day in Judge Michael P. Baird’s courtroom on April 15. In mid-afternoon, Yesenia Matta takes a seat at the defendant’s table facing Baird.


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