Mary Sanchez Columns

12 Jul

Mary has written a number of immigration columns for the Kansas City Star and Tribune Media Services since our conference:

“NAACP Has Right Idea On Immigration,” July 12, 2010

“We should organize a protest.” I’m not much for demonstrations, but these were words to lift the soul. It was the instinctive reaction of a national NAACP official who had just learned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona will appear today in Overland Park.

Letter To Obama:  Stop Namby-Pamby Talk On Immigration,” July 5, 2010.

Grade C. Mr. President. That’s how I rate your speech on immigration, pitched as a message “to make the clear case for comprehensive immigration reform.” Americans don’t need to be mollycoddled with phrasings from the Statue of Liberty and references to the U.S. being a land of immigrants. They need to be spoken to honestly. So please, admit the truth.

France Offers Lesson in How Not to Integrate Immigrants,” May 20, 2010

I am, generally speaking, an admirer of all things French… But my transoceanic lyricism goes flat when I hear about things like France’s preposterous plan to fine Muslim women the equivalent of about $185 for wearing a full-face veil in public.

Arizona Immigration Law Controversy Only in the Early Innings,” May 10, 2010

Baseball — or, rather, the linguistically more appropriate beisbol — is the new grape. Back in the day, the national grape boycott led by the United Farm Workers became one of the most effective consumer pressure campaigns in U.S. history. Dragging on for five years, the boycott hit growers where it hurt.

Open Season on Latinos in Arizona?” April 23, 2010

Arizona has never needed Sen. John McCain more — the “maverick” version of years gone by, that is. The man who understood the inherent evil of demonizing groups of people. The McCain who stood up to strident voices, understanding that fear-based, reactionary sentiments must never be codified into punitive laws.

Protests could block American DREAM,” May 19, 2010

A young woman who grasps the desperation and gravity of Yahaira Carrillo’s protest offered that assessment. Succumbing to the call of civil disobedience can mean deportation to a country that might be your birthplace but hasn’t been considered home for years.

Challenge Kris Kobach’s ideas, not the man,” May 5, 2010

If advocating torture can’t get a professor fired, dabbling with immigration certainly shouldn’t. John Yoo’s career path of writing torture memos, then teaching law is instructive for those who wish that Kris Kobach’s role at the University of Missouri-Kansas City could be curtailed because of his work as an architect of harsh immigration measures in Arizona.

Man behind immigration laws should see effects,” May 3, 2010

The entrées were ordered, the wine poured. And Dan Stein, longtime president of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, was seated at the head of the u-shaped table. He is the affable wizard behind the curtain of many harsh immigration measures coming into vogue state by state.


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