Shajia Ahmad’s Final Project Package

10 Jul

Here is Shajia’s three-part series:

“Groups Help Refugees Assimilate Into Culture,” July 10, 2010

When GCCC’s Adult Learning Center first began providing services to a growing number of refugees in southwest Kansas at the start of last year, the program in its infant stages was servicing a few hundred each month who sought assistance filling out job applications, visiting doctor’s offices, or help with child care or legal issues. In just more than a year, that number has doubled.

“Seeking A Better Life,” July 3, 2010

The influx over the past few years of Somali and Burmese refugees to the area is a cycle borne by the community nestled hours off the interstate… The newest residents, “secondary refugees” who have come from other states, are drawn to the area due to the availability of work at the beef-packing plants, where there are four in a 70-mile radius. They have historically brought and continue to bring newcomers here.

A New Home.” June 26, 2010.

Large images of Somali men and women in their brightly-colored garb and camels walking on dust-red ground, and a painting of the Kaaba, the holy Meccan edifice where Muslims across the world turn their heads in prayer five times a day, hang on the charcoal-colored walls inside the community center. Next to the photographs, an American flag lies juxtaposed to a light blue banner with a single white star in the center.


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